Full Sail's Fall & Winter Releases

The kids may be back in school, but summer isn't ready to move on. While a few more days (hopefully weeks) of beautiful sunny weather are perfectly fine with me, the changing craft beer seasons wait for no one. Full Sail and other breweries have already released their fall seasonals, and gasp--some winter beers! 

I received a few samples from the brewery. Yes, that's a bottle of Wassail pictured below. When the delivery guy dropped off the box 'o beer, it was 95 degrees outside. Wassail is a fine beer, but I think I'll let it chill in my beer fridge for a few months. I expect I'll be craving it the day after Thanksgiving.

While Wassail can wait, Oktoberfest will not. I tasted the latter for the first time a few weeks ago at Full Sail's Hop Harvest tour. It's selling out very quickly (completely gone in my neck of the woods), so find some if you can. 

What are your favorite Full Sail beers? When you will you be ready for a Wassail?

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LTD 07: Oktoberfest Lager
This three time gold medal winner is a smooth, malty lager brewed in the true Bavarian Style, using Two-row Pale, Vienna, Caramel and imported roasted Munich malts, moderately hopped with imported Czech Saaz and Yakima Sterling hops. Flavors reminiscent of honey, nougat and roasted nuts. Complex and beautifully balanced. Prost!
ABV 5.7%. IBU 26.  Available 47 days only, September - October

LTD 06: Black Bock
There's no coffee or chocolate in this limited edition lager but your mouth might insist otherwise. Brewed for the Holidays, this black bock is lush and full bodied with hints of roast, coffee, & chocolate in the aroma followed by flavors of caramel & figs with a long creamy smooth finish. Brewed as a Czech style Cerné Speciální with 2 row Pale, Munich, Caramel, & Chocolate Malts & hopped with Santiam and Perle hops..
ABV 7.0% IBU 34.  Available October - December
Wassail (Pub Series)
This holiday treat is deep mahogany in color, has a full malty body and a pleasantly hoppy finish.

A few unmistakable signs tell us when winter has arrived here in Hood River. The waterfalls in the Gorge start kicking out the jams. The snow report for the backcountry regains its hold over us. And the Wassail starts flowing once again. We’ve brewed Wassail every holiday season since 1988, and it’s now as much a part of the festivities as sharing a roaring fire with our closest family and friends.

It's no wonder this multi-medal winning Winter Warmer is one of our favorite beers to brew. Choosing our ingredients for Wassail is like taking time to choose the perfect gift. Each year we carefully select the best hops and malts to brew this special beer. This year’s Wassail is brewed with a range of caramel malts and dark chocolate malts giving it a deep mahogany color and a full malty body. We used a blend of Pacific Northwest hops for a pleasant hoppy aroma and finish creating a deliciously balanced beer that appeals to both hop and malt lovers alike. In other words, a Christmas miracle
ABV 7.2% IBU 56. Available 90 days only, October - December

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