Review: Summer Weizen, Smuttynose Brewing

Summer Weizen Ale
Smuttynose Brewing Co. — Portsmouth, NH

  • Style:  Wheat Ale
  • Bitterness: 15 IBU
  • ABV: 5.46%
  • Malts:  North American Two-Row, Wheat Malt
  • Hops:  Sterling
  • Special Ingredient:  Whole chamomile flowers
  • Sampled:  12 oz bottle (provided by brewery)

Description:  Light, tasty & full of character, our summer wheat ale is brewed with a combination of domestic and continental wheat and barley malts, lightly hopped & fermented with a Belgian wit yeast, resulting in a delightfully tangy & refreshing flavor. This beer is brewed for warm weather enjoyment. Bring some to your next picnic, barbeque or Frisbee game. — Smuttynose Brewing Co.

Random thoughts:  While great for year-round drinking, wheat ales are especially good summer thirst quenchers. Summer Weizen is Smuttynose Brewing's aptly named summer seasonal. I'm profiling it as part of my summer beer series

The tasting:  Bottle stamped with a best by date of October 17, 2013. Medium golden in color, clear, with a white head that dissipates fairly slowly. Aroma of wheat, lemon, and spicy hops. Taste starts with biscuit, bread, tangy wheat, and earthy hops. In the middle, the chamomile emerges. It's subtle, and does not overwhelm. A bit of yeast is also present in the middle. Alcohol is not noticeable in flavor or aroma and hop bitterness is very low. Summer Weizen has moderate carbonation and is light bodied. It's crisp and finishes with a light earthy hop bitterness and mild chamomile.

Rating:  3 star. Good. I would drink this again if someone gives it to me.  Personally, I'm not a huge fan of chamomile. However, as a homebrewer, I'm intrigued by beers that are brewed with herbs because they usually provide an unusual and interesting twist to a beer. If you're a fan of chamomile, be sure to try Summer Weizen!
Have you tasted Smuttynose's Summer Weizen Ale?

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