IPA Madness, Smuttynose Style!

If you live on the east coast and love IPAs, you've probably tasted Smuttynose Brewing's Finestkind IPA. I first tasted and wrote about Finestkind IPA two years ago. If you haven't tried it yet, you should!

The IPA has been the most popular craft beer style in America for over a decade and the brewers at Smuttynose are working overtime to satisfy our insatiable demand for hops! Three of their recent releases celebrate this deliciously bitter beer:

  • Rhye IPA:  Making its debut in the Big Beer Series, this IPA features rye, which can add a nice tangy flavor that plays nicely with the hop bitterness. I haven't tasted this yet, but will try it soon.
  • Cluster's Last Stand:  Part of the limited edition Short Batch Series, this collaboration with Stone Brewing features the seldom used Cluster and Bullion varieties. This is a re-creation of a pre-prohibition IPA. In terms of flavor, think grass (the lawn kind).
  • Big A IPA:  Now 10 years old, this double IPA started life as part of the Big Beer Series. It's well named, as this beer is a BIG IPA that's boozy and loaded with tropical and grapefruit hop flavors! I also wrote about Big A IPA back in 2011.

If this isn't enough hoppy goodness for you, Smuttynose's Durty (Hoppy Brown Ale) made a return appearance back in June.

What's your favorite Smuttynose hoppy beer?

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  1. I'm pretty fond of all of them. Also Paradox. Lucky to live just a few miles up the road. Love reading your blog posts!

  2. Thanks for the nice comment. I loved Paradox as well! I wrote about it a few months ago and hop it makes a return appearance!


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