Full Sail's Summer Seasonal Lineup

Summer is in full swing, and Full Sail's seasonal lineup is here to help you stay cool! The brewery sent me samples of each, and I will taste and write about them soon. Descriptions for each are listed below.

What are your favorite Full Sail beers?

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Chris's Sumer Delight Berliner Weisse 
Chris’s Summer Delight is an unfiltered, refreshingly tart small batch Berliner Weiss beer, brewed with 50% wheat malt and just a touch of Hersbrucker hops A perfect German style sour brew with a dry finish for a hot summer day. ABV 4% IBU 9.
When asked what the inspiration was for his beer Chris said simply “I love summer. When I found out that my beer was going to be brewed at the beginning of summer, I immediately thought of the perfect style, a Berliner Weiss. This is an easy drinking, unfiltered beer made with 50% wheat malt, a tiny amount of hersbruker hops and a touch of lactic acid to give it a refreshing tartness.” After careful and numerous tastings Chris’s beer was pronounced delicious. The beer is dry and crisp with a slight tartness and flashes of lemon. On a hot summer day this is the ultimate outdoor beer. It is traditionally enjoyed in Berlin beer gardens with splash of sweet red berry syrup or a green herbal syrup that work well against the tart and acid flavors of the beer. Try Chris’s beer at Full Sail’s Tasting Room & Pub with some of the syrups made from local fruits by our kitchen staff.
ABV 4%. IBU 9. 

LTD 03: Bohemian Pilsner
The third addition to our LTD series is pale-golden in color, featuring a spicy floral hop aroma, malty medium body, and a smooth, thirst quenching finish.
ABV 5.6% IBU 35.  Available 90 days only, June - August
English Style Pale (Pub Series)
Summer in the Gorge might just be our favorite season because our pub deck, overlooking the mighty Columbia, provides the best view in town. Sailboarders and kiteboarders skip across the river using brightly colored sails, while whitecaps and mountains provide the backdrop for the perfect beer to raise a glass with friends. English Pale is a traditional copper ale with flavors of toast, light caramel and a mild hop finish. This thirst quenching pale ale is brewed with a blend of crystal and 2 row pale malts. Willamette and Golding hops provide a slightly fruity note to round out the light malty flavor.
ABV 5% IBU 30. Available 90 days only, June - August

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