Live Beer Blogging (a.k.a. Speed Dating for Beer)

One of my favorite events at the Beer Bloggers Conference is Live Beer Blogging. Think of it as speed dating, but with beer and social media. During the course of 50 frenetic minutes, the bloggers sample, write, and publish their thoughts about 10 different beers!

Each round is five minutes long. During this time, the brewer pours a sample (3 - 4 oz.) and talks about the beer. The bloggers taste the sample and write about it using Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Untappd, or other form of social media. I used Untapped to record my speed blogging experience. You can see a summary of the beers I sampled and my tasting notes below.

I’m not proud of the quality of my tasting notes. When I usually write about beer, I only taste and write about one at a time. I also take a long time to do it. Each 5 minute round of Live Beer Blogging goes by extremely quickly and barely allows enough time to taste, ask questions, formulate thoughts, take pictures, write, AND re-hydrate with water.  It is a heck of a lot of fun, though!

While all of the beers were excellent, my favorite of the session was Ever Weiss, a Berliner Weiss made by Night Shift Brewing from Everett, MA. While not a traditional take on the style, it had great strawberry and hibiscus flavor. It also registered high on the pucker meter! 

Another favorite was The Mule, an American Corn Lager, made by Notch Brewing from Ipswich, MA. This is the beer that the macro brewers should be making. It has a mild corn sweetness, is full of flavor, and is light and refreshing!

Back to Live Blogging, If you’re looking for a fun way to share and explore beer with friends, you should try this, or a variation of it. At the next beer tasting I host, I’ll adopt the idea, but increase the time of the rounds to 10 minutes each, and feature just five or six beers.

If you’ve already participated in a similar experience, or end up trying it yourself, please let me know how it went! 

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  1. I was also impressed by the Mule.

    I also enjoyed the speed blogging. A lot of that had to do with the fact that most of the brewers were fairly small and local. I really wish my stomach and my mouth were on the same page for that event.

    It would be interesting to see how the dynamics would change with 10 minutes. It would give you more time to process both the beer and the brewer, so I think you would be more able to engage the brewer with meaningful questions, but it could also end up with everyone getting more smashed and being less able to compute the later beers.

  2. 10 beers in 50 minutes and you get to post your thoughts. I wonder about the real world application of this approach. I suppose it fits in well with dwindling attention spans.

  3. 10 minutes would definitely provide time to do the beer justice. At the end of the day, I think this is intended to be a fast paced, fun event and not a formal tasting session.

    Pete, I agree that this is a sign of the times. I was surprised by how many bloggers use Twitter to do much of their communication. To each, his (or her) own.

    Lewis, I dumped half of each pour in the bucket (except for my favorites). It was a marathon day, and I needed to give my liver a fighting chance!


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