Review: Stumptown Tart '13, BridgePort Brewing

Stumptown Tart '13
BridgePort Brewing Co. — Portland, OR

  • Style: Belgian Ale w/ fruit
  • Bitterness: 21 IBU
  • ABV: 7.8%
  • Malts: Pilsner and wheat
  • Hops: Not specified
  • Sampled: 22 oz. bottle (provided by brewery)

Description: Each year, BridgePort Brewing Company chooses a different fruit to include in its limited edition beer, Stumptown Tart. With Oregon’s variety of incredible produce it can be a difficult decision. This year, the brewery turned to an Oregon favorite – blueberries. These indigo berries were blended with Oregon grown raspberries and blackberries, creating a brew that is rich in color and in taste. — Bridgeport Brewing Co.

Random thoughts:  I look forward to the annual release of Stumptown Tart. It's different each year. This edition features a trio of berries. For more details on previous releases, see Stumptown Tart '12 and Stumptown Tart '10.  

The tasting:  Pinkish-orange in color, hazy, with a white head that dissipates fairly slowly, leaving plenty of lacing on the glass. Aroma of wheat and raspberry. Taste starts with wheat and tangy berry. Raspberry was most prominent, but I also noticed notes of blueberry. In the middle, Belgian spice flavors come through, but they're mild and not overwhelming. As a result, they complement and do not compete with the fruit. Some light herbal hop bitterness also emerges in the middle. Alcohol is well masked. Stumptown Tart is light bodied and has a lively effervescent mouth feel. It finishes with raspberry and notes of spice from the Belgian yeast.

Rating: 4 star. Really Good! I want this again!   Stumptown Tart '13 has great berry flavor, but avoids being overly sweet. In addition, its 7.8% ABV is stealthy. Finally, it nicely balances fruit and Belgian spice flavors. These factors combine to make an easy drinking  and delicious beer that's perfect for summer!

Have you tasted Stumptown Tart '13? 

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