Beer Run: Summer Lagers

Before moving to Portland over a decade ago, my beer experience was limited to industrial macro pilsner lagers. To say I didn't like them would be an understatement. I despised them. So strong was my distaste, that I didn't even go near any lagers when I started this blog nearly three years ago.  Since then, I've come full circle. I've learned lagers expand well beyond pilsners. More importantly, I now know that a well made lager can taste amazing!

Lager is a broad category with many styles. I pulled together a group which should make for some good summer quaffing!

Have you tasted any of these? What's your favorite lager? 

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  1. On my short list are Fort George 1811, Upright, and Bayern Pilsner. Breakside's got a pils out now that's spectacular.

  2. Sterling all the way...NINKASI!!!!!!!

  3. Jeff, thanks for the tips! I've tasted and enjoyed the 1811. Sounds like I need to get my hands on the Breakside Pils!


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