Scotty's Brewhouse — Indianapolis, Indiana

Scotty's Brewhouse has 5 locations in the state of Indiana. I visited their Downtown Indianapolis Brewhouse.

Scotty's Brewhouse
1 Virginia Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46204

The Beer:
  • Taps:  I counted 27 draft beers, with a solid craft selection (21 available when I visited). 13 were from Indianapolis or surrounding cities.   
  • Standard Pour:  16 oz., served in a shaker glass with prices ranging from $4.50-$6.00 (craft).  Mugs and pitchers are also available.   
  • Taster Tray:   No.
  • Bottles:  Very heavily skewed towards macros.
  • Growlers: Yes!

Vibe:   Casual restaurant / sports bar.  Kids allowed.

Food:   Pub grub, specializing in burgers.

Specials:  Varies by day of week. Check their website for details.

Scotty's owns Thr3e Wise Men Brewery, whose beers are featured prominently. Thr3e Wise Men also has a standalone brewery and restaurant in Indianapolis. I tasted their Brown Ale called @BrewhouseBrown #Awesomesauce (I guess they're big Twitter fans) and liked it. For dinner, I ordered the quarter pound Cajun burger, which had a great spicy kick to it.

If you're into bigger meals, you can get a half pound burger. Or better yet, put on your sweatpants and order up the 32 oz. Big Ass Brewhouse Burger! Defibrillator not included.

Scotty's is a good place to sample local beers, get a burger, and watch a game. The food, beer, and service were great. It does have chain restaurant vibe, though. I don't mean that in a negative way—it just does. On a closing note, terry cloth napkins are awesome!

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  1. You should have consulted with this Hoosier before your trip. Did you get the official Indiana sandwich, the breaded pork tenderloin sandwich while you were there? Scotty's makes a good one. There's even a documentary about it on Youtube

  2. Ritch, I forgot that you were from Indiana. I wish I knew about the Pork Tenderloin as I love to try the local specialties. Next time...

  3. This Hoosier wasn't consulted either. Blew it, Sanjay...

  4. Apparently Oregon had been taken over by Hoosiers. Who else is from there?


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