Moonstruck Chocolate's Beer Berries

Portland's Moonstruck Chocolate Co. just announced the launch of Beer Berries. Although Oregon is world-famous for both craft beer and delicious summer berries, these two delicacies have not been cross-bred (yet, anyway).

Instead, Moonstruck enveloped roasted barley within layers of dark chocolate. Depending on the variety and level of roast, barley takes on wide range of flavors which include caramel, nut, chocolate, and coffee. As you might expect, all of these flavors pair quite nicely with dark chocolate.

The folks at Moonstruck sent me a sample bag. In addition to having a nice coffee flavor, the roasted barley used in Beer Berries also adds a nice crunch to the chocolate. Needless to say, they're delicious. But then again, you could dip a boot in Moonstruck Chocolate and it would still taste good!

For more details, see the news release below.


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Moonstruck CHOCOLATE CO. Launches
Portland, Ore.-based artisan chocolate company pairs two local favorites - chocolate and beer

PORTLAND, Ore. – (April 2, 2013) – Moonstruck Chocolate Co. is expanding its line of Tumbled™ chocolates with the addition of Dark Chocolate Tumbled Beer Berries. Currently available at Moonstruck’s five Oregon Chocolate Cafés and online, the beer berries are roasted German-style malted dark wheat tumbled with layers of the company’s signature dark chocolate, creating round berry-shaped treats. 

“There’s a natural affinity between the work of our local micro-brewers and what our company strives to do with chocolate every day - from a commitment to small batch production to fully developed flavors, chocolate and craft beer definitely complement each other,” said Moonstruck Chocolate Master Chocolatier Julian Rose.

The idea for beer berries developed after Moonstruck’s Master Chocolatier and Panned Chocolate Manager visited a craft brewery located across the street from the company’s Portland, Ore. headquarters.  The duo was intrigued by the unique flavors of the brewery’s darker beers, and determined to recreate a similar flavor profile in a tumbled chocolate product.  After several rounds of experimentation, the team established on the perfect balance of malted dark wheat and chocolate.

The beer berries are entirely alcohol-free, and the name gives a nod to the dark wheat’s role in the brewing process. Dark wheat is traditionally used as an ingredient in German style wheat beers like dunkelweizen, a cousin of the more common hefeweizen. The wheat undergoes a malting process, releasing sugar and giving it a naturally sweet flavor. The wheat is then roasted, which imparts notes of coffee, caramel and even chocolate, as well as a noticeably darker color in the final beer.

Moonstruck’s Master Chocolatier recommends tasting the beer berries alongside a pint of your favorite beer for a full flavored tasting experience.

Dark Chocolate Tumbled Beer Berries are currently available at all five Portland-area Moonstruck Chocolate Cafés and on the Web at The suggested retail price is $6 for a four-ounce package.

About Moonstruck Chocolate Co.
Since 1993, Moonstruck Chocolate Co. has been handcrafting artisan chocolates that not only delight the senses, but also nourish the imagination. Moonstruck uses only the finest and freshest ingredients, including superior quality cocoa beans originating from some of the most exotic locations in the world. Moonstruck Chocolate’s master chocolatier, Julian Rose, was named as one of Dessert Professional’s Top Ten Chocolatiers for 2009 and Moonstruck’s award-winning creations were featured as the official chocolate of the 77th and 78th Annual Academy Awards®. Moonstruck’s chocolate creations are handcrafted, hand-decorated and hand-packaged in Portland, Ore., and are available around the country at select retailers, online at, and at the five Moonstruck Chocolate Cafés located in Portland.

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