Homecoming for Portland Brewing Co.?

A few years ago (sorry, I don't know the exact date), Portland Brewing Co, rebranded itself as MacTarnahan's. It appears the brewery may be returning to its rootsat least in name. 

In early November, Portland Brewing Co. (not MacTarnahan's Brewing Co.) received TTB label approval for Spine Tingler, MacTarnahan's Amber Ale, IPA, and Rose Hip Gold. I contacted North American Breweries (owner of MacTarnahan's/Portland Brewing, Pyramid, and Magic Hat), but they declined to comment on the subject.

Last year, NAB did an excellent job of rebranding Pyramid and it looks like they may be borrowing from their own playbook in an attempt to rebrand MacTarnahan's. After these labels were approved, NAB itself was purchased by Cerveceria Costa Rica, S.A.. For more details, check out Jeff Alworth's coverage of the sale.

What do you think about the potential return of the Portland Brewing Co. brand?  How do you like the new labels?

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  1. They are obviously making sure they are viewed as connected to Portland since the city is synonymous with beer. It's actually a good idea. The lables are nice. Smart marketing especially if they are increasing their distribution area.

  2. Mark, I agree. I was never a big fan of the switch to the "MacTarnahan's" name.


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