2012 Holiday Ale Fest: Meet Sugar & Spice

Each year, the organizers of Portland's Holiday Ale Festival introduce a new pinup girl to represent the festival. This year brings us not onebut two pinup girls! So without further adieu, please welcome Sugar and Spice...



From the HAF website:

In 2009, the Holiday Ale Festival began a new tradition of featuring a vintage pin-up girl as the annual representative of the festival. In 2009, Holly brought us holiday cheer, in 2010, we fell head over heels for Eve, and last year, we received a touch of elegance with Noelle. For 2012, we bring you a special treat, two girls. When winter rolls around, Sugar & Spice know just how to kick it off... with a prolonged trip to the Holiday Ale Festival in Portland, Oregon. After all, there is no better place in the NW for great craft beer. Sugar may have jet black hair, but she's partial to Belgian Blondes, while Spice is all about indulgence and heads straight for the Stouts. You can get one of their official posters at the festival or if you are more of a digital collector, or want to send them to friends, they have a poster available for download in Adobe Acrobat format. Just click the link on the websitehttp://holidayale.com/vintage-pinups.php
A few observations. First, it's clear that Sugar is a rebel. While Spice and past pinup girls have dressed in the tried-and-true Santa / elvish theme, Sugar is obviously going for the confectionery look (candy cane). Good for her! Maybe next year's pinup will break further ground and take inspiration from a fruitcake.
Second, have Sugar and Spice ever been seen together at the same time and place? Come on people, wake up! It's just like the Superman / Clark Kent thing! They aren't even wearing nerdy glasses that magically disguise the face. I theorize that Sugar and Spice are the same person, possibly twins. Prove me wrong. I defy you.
Lastly, they both continue the time honored tradition of wearing not-so-sensible shoes. Will next year's pinup girl sport Birkenstocks? Perhaps. This is Portland, after all...
In closing, if you happen to see Sugar or Spice under the HAF tent, be sure to say hello and ask about their favorite beers. For a look at Sugar and Spice's predecessors, check out my HAF pinup girl retrospective summary from last year.

Are you going to the 2012 Holiday Ale Festival?  Click here to see the taplist.

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  1. I kinda wish the second girl had been a guy. Seriously. Let's objectify a dude for a change. If we're gonna have two options, anyways.
    I appreciate cheesecake as much as anyone I know.
    I also know there are lots of straight women at this fest, and probably some gay gays(oh my!!), so if eye candy is a theme, why not some for everyone?

  2. Sugar looks too much like my ex, whom I call "Dowager". What doesn't kill you makes you stronger right? I'll be going the first day as I work the rest of the days of the fest. Can't wait.


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