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I’ve never been a big fan of Baseball. It’s just too slow for me. Maybe I don’t appreciate the finer points of the game. Regardless, when I heard that Hillsboro landed a Minor League baseball team, I was very interested. After all, it's fun to hang out at a game, eat a hot dog, and drink a few beers. On Tuesday, my interest turned to excitement when the name of the team was revealed. Our new team will be known as the Hillsboro Hops!  While beer is popular around here, beer geeks like me are in the minority. So the selection of Hops as the team name was an unexpected surprise.

Ironically, I don’t think hops are even grown in Hillsboro or Washington County. I won’t quibble though, because I think the name and the logo are great!  From a marketing and branding perspective, I think it’s a brilliant choice. I expect some folks (especially beer geeks) far and wide will be clamoring to buy Hops logoed merchandise. 

For more details check out the full press release below. For a concise history of the Hops, including their previous incarnation as the Yakima Beers, check out Pete Dunlop’s great post on Beervana Buzz.

I can’t wait to take my kids to their first Hops game next June! Even more, I can’t wait to buy some gear with the new logo. Once I get my hands on a new Hops baseball cap, I think I’ll finally retire my well-loved (and well-worn) Alaskan Brewing Summer cap. I expect my wife will be thrilled. (You’ve got to see the cap.)

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Short Season, LLC Reveals Name for Single-A Baseball Team
Hillsboro "Hops"

Hillsboro, OR (October 16, 2012) - Short Season, LLC announced today that it has selected the name Hillsboro "Hops" for its Single-A baseball team. The Arizona Diamondbacks affiliate begins play in a new state-of-the-art stadium in Hillsboro in 2013 and will play 38 home games from mid-June to early September.

"The name 'Hops' recognizes Hillsboro's proud agricultural heritage and the fact that Oregon is the second largest hop producing state in the United States," said K.L. Wombacher, General Manager of the Hillsboro Hops. "Hops is also a term used regularly in baseball - short hop, bad hop, crow hop. We feel 'Hops' encompasses several different components we wanted to include in our team name."

After reviewing team name suggestions submitted by fans, Short Season LLC, the owners of the Single-A Hillsboro franchise, decided on a name that had not been used previously by a pro or college sports team.

The Hillsboro Hops logo includes an animated hop plant donning a baseball cap with the letter "H". The primary team colors will be navy blue, light blue and green.

The team will unveil its uniforms and baseball caps in November and Hillsboro Hops merchandise will be available immediately following the unveiling.

Hillsboro Hops season tickets are ON SALE NOW by calling 503.640.0887 or by going online to

About Hillsboro Hops:
The Hillsboro Hops are the Single-A baseball affiliate of the Arizona Diamondbacks of Major League Baseball. The team's season runs from mid-June to early September. The franchise relocated to Hillsboro in 2012 and will begin play in 2013 in a new state-of-the-art 4,500 seat stadium. The Hops are part of the 55-year old Northwest League, which includes teams in Boise, Eugene, Salem-Keizer, Tri-Cities, Spokane, Everett and Vancouver BC. Major League stars who rose to prominence via the Northwest League include Ken Griffey Jr., Felix Hernandez, Edgar Martinez, Reggie Jackson, Ozzie Smith, Rickey Henderson and Tony Gwynn. Follow the Hops on Facebook at and on Twitter at

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