Beer & Poker: What's Your Favorite Pairing?

When most people think about beer pairings, food comes to mind. For good reasonbeer is an excellent accompaniment to food. But there's another classic pairing that's long been popular, beer and cards.

With the advent of online gaming, you can now play virtually any card game online at sites like Casino Games. However, for the classic (and old school) experience, you need a group of friend and some beer. Then the question becomes what type of beer to serve at your poker party?

Domestic macrobrews are most likely the beer of choice at poker parties around the country. However, I think we can do better. If I had to pick a single style of beer to serve, I'd probably go with a Pale Ale. If you want to be more strategic in your selection, you might consider drinking low alcohol session beers while saving the Imperials (Stouts, IPAs, etc) and Barleywines for your friends. After all, if you win their money you might as well give them some great beer in exchange!

So the question for you is what beer would you serve at your poker party?

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  1. You said it man! Cold beer, chicken and poker! Its the perfect combination! :D
    Liv Boeree

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