My Brewing Apprentice

My 6 year-old son started 1st grade a few weeks ago. On the first day of school, he was asked to draw a picture of himself. The picture below is the very first assignment of his elementary school career.

As a bit of background (and as he states in the picture), he likes to help me me make beer. If you're considering reporting me to the authorities, you should know that his experience does not include any sort of beer tasting. He helps me wash bottles and likes to dump hop additions into the boil. In the picture below, we're both holding bottles and a container of hops is on the table.

He seems to be very interested in the brewing process, so I'll continue to teach him more as he grows older. While I absolutely love his picture, I just can't help but wonder what his teachers are thinking.

Hopefully, they appreciate that I'm helping him to develop his chemistry skills. If nothing else, in fifteen years, my son will be able to brew the beer for his 21st birthday party. It'll be really good beer...

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  1. hahaha, this is hilarious! I'm pretty sure this is my fiance's dream for when he has a kid. lol. The tacher was probably like "what the hell..."

  2. Love it! You must be proud. I hope to see my 3 and 4 year old draw such a picture some day soon.

  3. Thanks! I'm very proud and got a huge kick out of this!

  4. Now that deserves a thumbs up!!


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