Beer Run: Fall Seasonals

Fall is officially here! It may be one of the four seasons, but from a beer perspective, Fall gets shortchanged. While summer beers still linger on grocery store shelves, winter beers are already emerging. The autumn beer season may be short, but it's a good one!

Two of the more popular fall varieties are Oktoberfests and pumpkin beers. Last year, I profiled bunch of pumpkin beers. This year, I'll limit myself to just two gourd beers. Instead, I've assembled a nice mix of fall seasonalsmany are new releases:

Have you tasted any of these? What are your favorite fall seasonals?

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Made in Sonoma said...

Day Time is awesome, but to me, is a summer/hot weather beer. Good thing in northern california it's still in the 80's an into the 90's this weekend!

Sanjay said...

I remember you told me Day Time was a good beer, so I grabbed it the first time I saw it.

Yeah, an IPA is an odd choice for a fall seasonal. But since this is Lagunitas, it's in character!

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