Beer Run: Summer Seasonal Brews

Every few months, I usually assemble and review a handful of seasonal beers. With just a few days left until the unofficial end of summer, I thought I'd recap the summer brews I formally reviewed this season. Click to see the full review. I’ve tasted others, but didn’t get around to writing about them. Lazy blogger, I know…

Have you tasted any of these?  What are your favorite summer beers?  Let me know, and I’ll try to add them to my tasting list for next summer.  

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  1. Lagunitas new Day Time IPA is a great summer beer! I wish it would have been released earlier.

    I also enjoyed Bitter American from 21st Amendment. Gotta love those low abv's in the sunshine!

  2. I never saw Day Time IPA in the Portland area. I'll keep my eyes out for it. Agree, Bitter American is great!


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