Stone Brewing's New 4-Packs

Stone Brewing Co. is preparing to release new 4-packs of Ruination IPA, Oaked Arrogant Bastard Ale, and for the first time in 12 oz. bottles—Sublimely Self Righteous Ale (Imperial Black IPA). The new 4-packs are expected to reach distributors by end of August. Existing six-packs of Ruination and Oaked AB will be discontinued after supplies run out.

Retail pricing for the 4-pack should be around $11, similar to six-pack pricing for Stone IPA and Stone Pale Ale. The pricing model of aligning specialty 4-packs to “regular” six-packs is also used by Widmer Brothers for its Series 924 brews. 

On a related tangent…  If you do the math, the price per ounce for beer is almost always lower in 12 oz. bottles than for 22 oz. bombers. So why would a brewery release a new size that results in a lower price? I expect the answer is increased revenue through expanded distribution and increased volume. I think many folks (including me) prefer to drink beer in 12 oz. bottles (or cans) instead of 22 oz. bombers. Ninkasi and Hopworks Urban Brewery have adopted similar playbooks. 

Cheers to Stone! I pay less per ounce and get my preferred bottle size. As a consumer of good beer, I love this development!

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