Samuel Adams' Facelift

Samuel Adams is getting a facelift.  As part of their Q2 Earnings Conference Call on August 1, Boston Beer executives discussed their plans to update branding and packaging for the venerable Sam Adams beer line.

Early in the call, Jim Koch, Boston Beer Chairman revealed, “…As we enter the third quarter, we are updating the packaging for all Sam Adams styles and have introduced the next evolution of our brand communication which builds on our previous messaging.

Towards the end of conference, Martin Roper, President and CEO added, “We are in the process of completing a complete packaging redesign, which given the number of SKUs we have is a major investment in rollout plus as Jim mentioned in his prepared comments, we’ve just rolled out new creative that we are standing behind. So I think from a brand perspective, we feel good that we have great beers, that we have great brand position that some of what we're seeing is the dynamics of the route to market right now.

In recent memory, Widmer Brothers, Redhook (both owned by Craft Brew Alliance), and Pyramid Brewing also revamped branding. As the craft beer market continues to expand, branding is increasingly important as breweries attempt to distinguish themselves in a crowded market. 

The new Samuel Adams' designs are now making their way onto shelves. Below is a sneak peak at some of the new labels, as well as the old versions. In the new designs, Mr. Adams is featured prominently and a vibrant color palette is used. They also utilize different typefaces for the beers' names. While I like the look of the individual labels, they appear less cohesive from an overall branding perspective, in my opinion. What do you think of Sam Adams’ new look? 

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  1. I hate marketing speak. "Building on our previous messaging" I wish they had to include on their labeling which macro brewery actually produced each beer. It aint all coming out of those copper kettles in Boston!


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