Review: Marionberry Hibiscus Gose, Widmer Brothers

Marionberry Hibiscus Gose
Widmer Brothers Brewing Co. — Portland, OR

  • Style:  Gose
  • Bitterness:  15 IBU
  • ABV:  5.5%  
  • Malts:  Pale and Wheat
  • Hops:  Alchemy
  • Sampled:  12 oz. bottle (provided by brewery)

Description:  "Gose is a traditional cloudy wheat beer that balances tart and slightly salty flavors with a soft malt background. Our unique take uses a healthy dose of Oregon-grown Marionberries as well as dried hibiscus flowers for a tart, floral profile with clove & coriander flavors to round it out. Prost! or Goseanna!" — Widmer Brothers Brewing Co.

Random thoughts:  Marionberry and hibiscus, in a beer? And what the heck's a Gose, anyway? Leave it to Widmer Brothers to bring an unusual style to the (relative) masses. Earlier this year, the latest installment of the W'12 Series was a Dark Saison. Now we have a wheat beer brewed with salt. This should be interesting.

The tasting:  Red in color, hazy, with a light pink head that dissipates very quickly. Aroma of coriander and hibiscus. In flavor, the coriander and hibiscus are again present, along with a hibiscus flavor similar to that found in an herbal tea. A touch of saltiness comes through in the middle along with the marionberry, which adds a mild tartness without being sweet. Hop bitterness and alcohol is not noticeable in aroma or flavor. It's light bodied, moderately carbonated, and finishes dry with tart marionberry.

Rating:   4 star.  Really Good! I want this again!  Widmer's brewers did an excellent job of balancing the sweet, tart, and salty elements of this beer. In addition, the hibiscus pairs well with the fruit. If you like to try new or unusual styles, this is one you'll want to taste. I'm not aware of any gose-style beers that are widely produced in the US. Marionberry Hibiscus Gose is a limited release, so if you want to try it, find it soon.

Have you tasted Widmer Brothers' Marrionberry Hibiscus Gose?

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  1. Love the color. Totally made me want to give it a try.

  2. Yeah, it's beautiful beer. Tastes good too!


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