When Life Give You Lemons, Have a Beer

Last Tuesday, my wife and I readied our boys for a week-long getaway to sunny Cancun, Mexico. Fate had other plans and we were unable to fly in the morning. Since the details are too painful to recount, I won't. Let's just say two small children were reduced to tears.

In an attempt to look at the situation in a "glass is half-full" perspective, I realized we had a unique opportunity in our hands. We still had a week of vacation and a fairly wide open range of alternatives. So we began to scour the internet in a last minute attempt to create Plan B.

The Oregon Coast? The forecast was cloudy.  Besides, the water temperature at the coast is suitable only for dogs, small children, and penguins.

Las Vegas? Lots of sun, but probably NOT the best place for kids to spend a week. Besides, I can play poker games online from the convenience of my laptop.

San Diego? They have sun and warm beaches. They've also got plenty for kids to do at Sea World, San Diego Zoo, and Legoland.  Now this has possibilities... Oh, did I mention that San Diego is home to Pizza Port, Stone Brewing, The Lost Abbey, Port Brewing, and many other fine craft breweries?

We had our new destination! Do you think the beer played a factor into our decision making?

It was a good week. To be continued...

What are your favorite San Diego beer destinations?

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  1. Absolutely, San Diego is a great choice. See if you can get into the Karl Strauss Brewery. I think they have tours now.

  2. We had a great time in San Diego. I wanted to visit Karl Strauss, but we didn't have the time. I missed them during my list trip to SD as well. Maybe next visit.

  3. Coronado Brewing in Coronado. Great food and close to the famous hotel.


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