Pyramid's Wit, Dunkel, Pale Ale, and Wheaten IPA

You may have seen the new look of Pyramid’s beer. Last month, I interviewed Ryan Daley, Pyramid Brand Manager, about the changes. In my opinion, they’ve gone from zero to hero! I snapped the picture below in my grocery store. Compared to the beautiful new labels, the old ones are just plain hideous. If you look closely at the new labels, you'll notice each beer has a customized Pyramid graphic. I love that. What a nice touch!

In addition to the snazzy branding, they’ve been brewing up a storm and are preparing to release four brand new beers as part of seasonal variety packs. Here are the latest details from Ryan.

Their Summer Variety Pack will feature Hefeweizen, Curve Ball, Apricot, and Pale Ale (which happens to be the first beer brewed by Pyramid).  Expect this to hit the market in April.

Here’s where it gets interesting… Around the same time, Pyramid will also release a limited edition Wheat Variety Pack, only available in the summer. It will feature Hefeweizen and three new beers—Dunkel, Wit, and Wheaten IPA. In case you were wondering, Wheaten IPA is not replacing Thunderhead IPA. Both variety packs will contain 12 bottles.  

I’m really looking forward to tasting these new brews! What do you think about the “new” Pyramid?

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  1. I'm always on the fence about Pyramid products. I do like the Discord. They have had as a taproom exclusive for the last couple years. One thing in their favor is the price point is always one of the best bangs for you buck.

  2. I blogged about the new look a while back--I like it a lot. The beer is, of course, the same old, same old. I think they've always had a tendency toward caution and while that allowed them to grow in the early days, it's been bad in the last decade.

    FWIW, that "Wheaten IPA" is a wink to old-timers like me who remember one of their first beer, Wheaten Ale. I'm pretty interested to try it.

  3. Yeah, the general consensus is that Pyramid's beers haven't impressed over the years. The rebranding is great start, but now they've got to deliver the goods. With a solid lineup of new beers on deck for 2012, they have a great opportunity to change perceptions. Let’s see what they do with it.


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