Not So Ordinary New Beer Releases!

I love sampling new beers, and try to taste as many as I can get my hands on. In the Northwest, it's possible to only drink only new releases, given the sheer quantity of new beers on the market. However, the variety of new styles and flavors is just as impressive. Craft breweries across the country are constantly experimenting with new ingredients and unique combinations. I thought I'd whet your appetite by highlighting some intriguing upcoming releases.

Cigar City Brewing's El Murciealgo is a double cream ale brewed with lime peel, cumin, and aged in tequila barrels! It's named in honor of the bats that pollinate the blue agavewhich is used to make tequila. For more details, check out Beer Street Journal.

Epic Brewing, from Salt Lake City, Utah is releasing Elder Brett in collaboration with Crooked Stave Brewing, who specializes in sour and brettanomyces beers. This golden ale was brewed with a Saison yeast, transferred to wine barrels, and dosed with four strains of brett. More details from

A collaboration between Russian River Brewing and Sierra Nevada will bring us Brux. Named for the brettanomyces bruxcellensis strain, this wild ale (more tart than sour) will be available this summer in 750 ml corked & caged bottles. More details from

Collaborations are all the rage. Dogfish Head Brewery has upped the ante by teaming with Googleyes, the internet behemoth, to bring us URKontinent. We're used to seeing unusual ingredients in DFH beers. This time they've thrown in wattle seed, amaranth, rooibos, myrica gale, and honey. I have no clue what most of these are. Check out this video at Huffington Post for details about its making.

Magic Hat's Elder Betty is made with elder berries. Pistil is brewed with dandelions. I've been cursing these weeds whenever they spring up in my yard. Looks like I should have been throwing them into my homebrew.

Samuel Adams has several in the works. First is Belgian Session. Norse Legend and Verloren appear to be part of the Small Batch Series what was launched in 2011. Norse Legend is a Sahtia Finnish-style beer brewed with juniper beers. Verloren is a Gosean unfiltered wheat ale spiced with salt.


The big guys have been busy as well. Blue Moon's Farmhouse Red Ale is blend of two stylesFarmhouse Ales and Belgian Reds. I'm very intrigued by this one!

Not to be outdone, our friends from Anheuser-Busch will bless us with Bud Light Lime -a- Rita. Don't forget to serve it over ice. This is one you'll want to drink cold, ice cold...

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  1. Thanks for sharing the news, some interesting looking brews there. I'm particularly interested in the elderberry ale, as there is an excellent Scottish brew (by Williams/Heather Ale) with elderberries.

    I have to comment on the 'Sahti' though, being Finnish (although not such a huge fan of Sahti) -- calling it 'Norse Legend' is a little bit odd, since 'Norse' refers to Scandinavia and more specifically Sweden, Norway, and Denmark, while Sahti is specifically Finnish. Calling it 'Nordic' might be better, since it's considered to include Finland and Iceland as well. Anyway, cheers!

    1. I agree, the elderberry looks good. Unfortunately, it's not available on the West Coast. I've never had a Sahti before and would like to give it a try!


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