Hopworks Canned IPA on the Way?!?

Just last week, Hopworks Urban Brewery received TTB label approval for Hopworks IPA. Except it wasn't for a bottle it was for a 16 oz. can! I'm glad to see another Oregon brewery distributing beer in cans. Earlier this year, Fort George Brewery from Astoria started retail distribution exclusively in 16 oz cans.

Until now, all of Hopworks' beers have been available at retail only in 22 oz. bottles, so I'm excited to see Hopworks use this smaller size. For me 16 oz. is idealmore than a regular bottle, but less than a bomber.

I don't know when the new cans will be released or where they will be distributed, but it looks like they're on the way!  I'll share more details when they're available.

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  1. Sweet! I first heard it here! Thanks!

  2. Thanks! I hope they release their seasonals in cans. But for now, it looks like just their IPA.

  3. IPA and Lager with Abom to be the first seasonal in a can. Cheers!


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