Bud Light's TBD Super Bowl XLVI Cans

Super Bowl XLVIthe Patriots vs. the Giants! Although I rode Tom Brady's arm to my fantasy football championship this year, I'll be cheering for Eli and the Giants to pull off another upset against the Patriotsjust like I did four years ago.

As usual, we'll see a slew of Bud Light commercials during the game. After it's over, you may see one of the two cans below in a beer case near you. Which one, of course, depends on who emerges victorious. This leads me to wonder—do they fill both cans in advance of the game? After all, speed is of the essence when it comes to championship memorabilia. If they do, what happens to all of beer in the "loser" cans? One of the great mysteries of life...

Anyway, enjoy the game, and whatever beer you chose to drink!

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