Beer Run: Stout Month

Someone in the craft beer community, I'm not sure who, deemed February to be Stout Month. Sounds good to me! I think stouts are the perfect beer for winter. They have loads of rich roasted malts and often hold many layers of flavor that are revealed as the drink warms.

There's also quite a bit of diversity within the style.  Each of the six stouts I will be sampling offer a unique twist.

I think I'm going to like Stout Month. What's your favorite stout?

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  1. Stout month is huge in Colorado. The Mountain Sun Brewing Company always has a line out the door during Stout Month. It all culminates with the annual chop competition at the end of the month.

    How are these other stouts? I've had Velvet Merlin, Milk Stout and Chicory Stout. What'd you think of the others?

    -Mike Burns

    1. Hey Mike. I actually visited Mountain Sun Brewing when I was in Boulder last year. Great place!

      As far as the other stouts on this list, I haven't tasted them yet. Stay tuned as I'll be posting my reviews on them during the next week or so. They'll be linked back to this page. Cheers!


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