Review: Silipint (Silicone Beer Glass)

Silipint is the world's first silicone pint glass. I first heard about it on Lisa Morrison's Beer O'Clock show. It has an interesting backstory. It started life as a silicone dog food dish and evolved from there. Today, I'm evaluating Silipint with the assistance of a Redhook Winterhook.

Silipint — Bend, OR

  • Style:  Silicone Beer Drinking Vessel
  • Weight: 7.6 oz
  • Ingredients: 100% food-grade silicone
  • Size: 16 oz. capacity  (full disclosure: sample provided by Silipint) 

Description: "This one-of-a-kind, 16 oz. pint is unbreakable, bendable but sturdy, 100% safe, highly portable, uniquely fun & a great gift for anyone in your family!  Take it anywhere and challenge it to extremes!  Microwave safe, Dishwasher safe, Freezer safe, Oven safe.  Silipints have twice the insulation value as glass, so not only do hot drinks stay hotter and cold drinks stay colder, it's also great for boiling water, or refreezing smoothies and ice cream!  Silipints are made from the same 100% food grade silicone that make baby bottle nipples, so have no fear of BPA toxins or off-gassing." — Silipint  

Random thoughts:  A beer glass made out of silicone? If you're worried about drinking out of something used for implants—don't. Silipint is made out of 100% food grade silicone approved by the FDA. The primary benefits of Silipint are that it's unbreakable, easy to clean, and has good temperature retention properties. 

The look:  To start, this is what a Silipint (on the right) looks like. As you can see, it's not clear. While this limits your ability to view the contents in detail, it does allow you to see the general color.

The feel: While being unbreakable is a great selling point, I found the tactile experience of using Silipint to be its most compelling (and fun) feature. First, it's surface is not entirely smooth. It has a very fine texture that makes the the glass easy to grip and unlikely to fall out of your hands. Second, it's semi-rigid. If you apply a bit of pressure, the glass will flex. See picture below to demonstrate a novel use of this feature.

Photo courtesy of Silipint

Final Analysis:  The folks from Silipint sent me this glass back in July and I've used it extensively. I've dropped it, squished and stomped on it (not part of my normal beer sampling routine), and have put it through countless dishwasher cycles. It has held up perfectly, and performs as well as it did when I first received it.

If you like beer and live an active lifestyle, you should add Silipint to glass collection. Its flexibility and durability make it ideal for travel and the great outdoors. While it won't permanently replace the traditional pint glass inside my home, it's coming with me whenever I drink beer outside. To learn more, check out the Silipint website.

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  1. Pretty cool. It will most likely be showing up at festivals as the give-away glass. Have you seen the brauler? A pretty sweet growler.

  2. Just looked at Brauler on their website. Pretty slick. But I couldn't find the price on the website. I expect it's pretty spendy and probably a bit overkill.

  3. I'm sure they are expensive. I am fascinated by the new designs showing up in the beer industry. Like the "fill from the bottom" cup fillers you posted a while back. And like the leather growler and six-pk holders you can strap to your bicycle for the ride home. For the ride home in my truck, I use a bungy cord rapped around the headrest and put the hooks through the handle to prevent it from tipping over. Do you think I should patent that :) Happy New Year. Keep up the good work.

  4. I think you should. If you build it, the beer geeks will come.

    Thanks Mark! Thank you for reading and commenting on posts. Happy New Year to you and your family!

  5. By using a glass wider at the bottom tapering to a narrower opening will force all the gassy bubbles into a smaller area and lengthen the time the head will last.

  6. has these in sets of 4 on sale for 31.95
    Some colors are sold out, retail is 39.95, I just bought a set of red glasses.

  7. Typically a tall, slender and tapered 12-ounce glass, shaped like a trumpet at times, that captures the sparkling effervesces and colors of a Pils while maintaining its head. A Pokal is a European Pilsner glass with a stem.

  8. Does the beer taste any different when drinking from silicone?

  9. Thisi is very convenient, and I think I would prefer drinking from this than from red plastic cups. However, I wouldn't trade it for a beer glass.


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