Review: Honey Crisp, Crispin Cider Co.

Honey Crisp
Crispin Cider Co. — Minneapolis, MN

  • Style:  Hard Apple Cider
  • ABV: 6.5%
  • Ingredients:   Hard Apple Cider, Filtered Water, Organic Honey, Natural Flavors, Malic Acid, Sulfites.  Gluten Free.
  • Calories:  200 per 12 oz.
  • Sampled: 22 oz. bottle (provided by Crispin)

Description: "Crispin Honey Crisp Artisanal Reserve is a small batch, hand crafted, super-premium hard apple cider smoothed with real organic honey for a rich, creamy, full-bodied crisp taste. Smooth over ice. For the discerning drinker, Honey Crisp’s artisanal style is embodied in our unique Cloudy Filtration process, using racked unfiltered apple wine that leaves residual natural apple wine sediment in the bottle. Every bottle should receive a full Bottoms-Up! tilt and swirl before opening and enjoying." — Crispin Cider Co. 

Random thoughts:  In addition to beer, we've been serving hard ciders at our recent holiday gatherings. Last weekend, we tried Fox Barrel's Mulled Cider. Last night, we went back to the cold variety and tasted Honey Crisp, which is part of Crispin's line of Artisinal Reserve Ciders. I forgot to tilt and swirl the bottle, so my last pour was full of sediment—which I drank anyway. 

The tasting:  Golden straw in color, cloudy, with lots of particles in suspension. There's plenty of champagne-like effervescence in the glass. The fizziness is quite audible if you listen closely. Light apple aroma, mild honey, and some floral notes. Overall, the aroma is really nice! Flavor starts with slightly tart apple and pear (even though there's no pear juice in this). There's a touch of honey sweetness in the middle.  It's light bodied, has a lively fizzy mouth feel, and finishes semi-dry. The alcohol is not noticeable in aroma or flavor. Very crisp and refreshing!

Rating:  4 star.  Really Good!  I want this again!  Of the ciders I tasted so far, Honey Crisp is easily one of my favorites. Normally ciders are too sweet for me and I can't drink more than one. I could easily drink a few of these. Its overall balance of sweet and tart was perfectly suited to my palate. While this would make an ideal summer beverage, it served its purpose equally well on a cold winter day.

Have you tasted Crispin Honey Crisp?  What did you think?

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  1. I drank this moments ago, and mine was a bit flat. I drank it anyway, and it worked as intended.

  2. I agree... seemed flat. I prefer other Crispin over this.

  3. Flat. Tastes like water down apple juice with a minimum of tang and a subtle honey finish. But the flatness and lack of bubbles was disconcerting. Bad batch?

  4. Lack of bubbles I'd say you got an off batch or it had been opened already. I tried this at the Hop Blossom Festival in Winchester and it was fabulous, like cider champagne, semi-sweet and bubbly, crisp and refreshing. I can see where it would not be as good if it went flat.

  5. Bad batch for me on 10/6/14 then. NO bubbles.


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