Beer Run: 99 Bottles in Federal Way, WA

During the 15 months I've been writing this blog, I've met so many nice people in the craft beer industry. Whether they're bloggers, brewery founders, bartenders, brewers, or bottle shop owners, they're very friendly and happy to share their time and knowledge. As a group, I guess they're so cool because they love what they do. After all, beer's fun! Right?!?

I met Tiffany Adamowski last year at a Beer Bloggers conference in Boulder, CO. Tiffany and her husband Craig, own 99 Bottles, a craft beer bottle shop in Federal Way, WA (23 miles south of Seattle). I was very intrigued by the business aspect of beer, and Tiffany told me all about the joys and challenges of the retail end of the beer.

After the conference, I started following 99 Bottles on Twitter and Facebook. I quickly discovered that Tiffany mastered the use of social media to keep her customers informed about new beer availability and happenings in the industry. I follow several bottle shops, and none do it as effectively.

Anyway, after seeing her tweets and Facebook updates for over a year, I finally had the opportunity to visit 99 Bottles on a trip home from Seattle. It was worth the wait! 99 Bottles stocks an amazing selection of craft beer, cider, and mead. They even installed a new growler filling station where customers can get beer that isn't available in bottles or cans.

I asked Tiffany to pick out some beer for me that isn't available in Oregon.  Here's what she set me up with:

I'm profiling winter seasonals at the present time, and I'll throw these into the mix when I need a change of pace. In the meantime, check out 99 Bottles on Facebook and Twitter. Or better yet, stop by the shop and check out their great selection! Now I need to convince Tiffany and Craig to open up a 99 Bottles by my house...

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99 Bottles' new CrafTap growler filling station.


  1. Awww, Sanjay! You're so sweet! Thanks for the kind words. So surprised when I popped in to see what beers you've recently enjoyed to see 99 Bottles instead of a beer! Happy holidays to you. And I'm looking forward to more beer & festival reviews.

  2. Awesome post! 99 Bottles is my favorite local bottle shop, and Tiffany and Craig are awesome! Great write-up

  3. Tiffany is the best I try to never buy beer from big stores because I would rather support her shop. I walked in her doors a beer idiot unsure if I really even like the stuff and a year later I am writing my own beer blog. Thanks for giving her a well deserved shout out, and I agree the 99 Bottles facebook is awesome!

  4. Thanks for posting this, I love 99 bottles!

  5. My pleasure Tiffany! You guys do such a great job and it shows. It's obvious your customers love you, and I'm sure that makes it even more fulfilling (despite the horror stories you told me about).

    So, when ARE you going to open your West Portland branch?  ;)


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