2011 Holiday Ale Festival: Introducing Noelle

Yesterday, the organizers of Holiday Ale Festival formally introduced Noelle, the pinup girl for this year's HAF. If I had to guess, I'd say Noelle is enjoying a Candy Cane Imperial Stout, dosed with reindeer tears (of joy), and aged in gingerbread barrels.

Noelle.  Courtesy HAF

If you attend the 2011 HAF, I'm pretty sure you'll find beers with those flavors. Noelle is sporting a classy evening gown, but I'm afraid the fluffy white "Santa hat" stuff at the bottom is going to get fairly ratty as she wanders the HAF tents.

Let's take a stroll through past years, and revist Noelle's HAF friends. Eve visited last year. If I recall correctly, there was a bit of controversy. Some found her footwear to be objectionable. The puritans should rest easy this year knowing Noelle is wearing far more sensible shoes.

Eve.  Courtesy HAF

Holly graced the festival in 2009. Based on her attire, I'm pretty sure she was employed in Santa's workshop. Beer is not allowed in the actual workshop, so I expect Holly was on morning break when this picture was taken. She's enjoying a Belgian Trippel after a long morning of attaching the heads onto the Barbie dolls.

Holly. Courtesy HAF

The 2011 Holiday Ale Festival kicks off in just 11 days! I'll publish the full beer list with descriptions as soon as it's released. For more details check out the HAF website. If you bump into Noelle at the festival, be sure to say hello.

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