Brewmaster Homebrews: Matt Van Wyk's Patriot Porter

Yesterday, I kicked off a new series by interviewing Brewmaster Matt Van Wyk of Oakshire Brewing. Today, Matt shares his recipe for the award winning Patriot Porter. I'm really excited because this is the first time the recipe is being published as a homebrew! Let's learn more about the style and the beer...

What is a Colonial style porter and how is it different from a typical porter? 

Matt Van Wyk:  It's kind of like a brown porter, with a slight more body that a classic Robust porter.  Don't look for Black Butte here. The Porter part is somewhat loose. The molasses provides a richness and the toasted oats a toasty full bodied flavor. It might be something George Washington or Thomas Jefferson might conjure up?

What's the story behind Patriot Porter?

The Patriot Porter was based on a beer at Flossmoor Station called Pullman Brown Ale. It is a Colonial style porter made with toasted oats and molasses. It has garnered several medals at GABF and World Beer Cup both by me and the former brewer Todd Ashman. Todd really gets credit for it as he designed the original recipe. I just like to say I made it better. Ha! The beer was made with 75 lbs of toasted oats, but I changed that to a product called Golden Naked Oats from Simpson to achieve that toastiness. A homebrewer could easily toast the oat flakes in an oven. It's rich, and nutty with a very smooth, nearly sweet finish.

Matt Van Wyk's Patriot Porter

  • Style:  Colonial style Porter
  • Type:  All-Grain
  • Beginning Boil Size:  6.5 gallons 
  • Batch Size:  5 gallons
  • Boil Time:  90 minutes
  • Est. Stats:
    • OG:  1.074
    • FG:  1.024
    • Preboil OG:  1.063
    • ABV:  6.6%
    • IBUs:  33
    • Color:  20.0 SRM
  • Efficiency:  75%
    • Grains & Adjuncts:
      • 6.2 lbs  Simpson's Golden Promise
      • 2.6 lbs  2-Row Malt
      • 0.7 lbs  Munich Malt
      • 0.7 lbs  Cara-Pils /  Dextrine
      • 0.7 lbs  Honey Malt
      • 0.7 lbs  30-37
      • 0.7 lbs  Simpson's Coffee Malt
      • 1.3 lbs  Simpsons Golden Naked Oats  (can substitute hand toasted oat flakes for Simpson Golden Naked Oats. Toast in oven prior to mash).
    • Hop & Other Additions:
      • 0.20 oz.  Magnum - 14.0% alpha acid (90 min.)
      • 0.16 oz.  Magnum - 14.0% alpha acid (60 min.)
      • 0.18 oz.  Magnum - 14.0% alpha acid (30 min.)
      • 0.34 oz.  Centennial - 10.0% alpha acid (30 min.)
      • 6.60 oz.  Blackstrap Molasses (30 min.)
      • 0.50 oz.  Cascade - 5.5% alpha acid (10 min.)
      • 0.20 oz.  Cascade - 5.5% alpha acid (0 min.)
    • Mash:  20.41 quarts (1.5 qt / lb) water @ 167.4° and hold for 60 min @ 152.0°F
    • Sparge:  Sparge 12.87 quarts of 168.0°F water over 60 min
    • Yeast:  English Ale or London Ale
    • Ferment:  At 65 - 68°F for 2-3 weeks
    • Bottle / Keg:  10 days at  70°F

    So now you can brew Matt's GABF and World Beer Cup award winning beer! It sounds like the ideal brew for fall and winter. I actually brewed it on Sunday. It was my very first all-grain batch and I'll post my brew log separately.

    A special thanks goes out to Matt Van Wyk for taking the time to do this interview and for working with me to adapt the recipe! It was a lot of fun for me and I can't wait to taste it. Happy brewing!

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    Matt Van Wyk, Oakshire Brewing Co. Brewmaster

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