Review: Cherry Chocolate Stout, Stone Brewing

Cherry Chocolate Stout
Stone Brewing Co. — Escondido, CA

  • Style: Stout
  • Bitterness: Not specified
  • ABV: 7.3% ABV
  • Malts: Not specified
  • Hops: Not specified
  • Special Ingredients: Chocolate, cherries, and vanilla beans
  • Sampled: 12 oz. bottle
  • Full Disclosure: Sample provided by brewery

Description: "We entered the competition completely at the last minute, bottling a couple days before it had to be dropped off at Stone for the event, without even a taste test! When we entered the competition, our goal was just to get some feedback and see how our brew compared to our peers. We went from this being our first competition and our first time messing with fruit, to brewing on Stone's shiny system with Troegs! Wow! What an amazing experience!” — Jason Fields, Homebrewer

Random thoughts: This is a collaboration beer made by Jason Fields & Kevin Sheppard, Stone, and Tröegs. Messrs. Fields and Sheppard won Stone's annual homebrew competition and earned the privilege of partnering with professional brewers to make this collaboration beer at Stone's brewery. Check out the video below for the full story.

The tasting: Black in color. It has a dark tan head, made up of fine bubbles, that dissipated slowly. Aroma of dark chocolate, roasted malts, and vanilla (more apparent when warm). While cherry isn't noticeable in aroma, it's front and center in flavor. I also tasted espresso, bitter dark chocolate, and roasted malts. The cherry provides a nice tartness in the middle and finish. The bitterness from the roasted malts and dark chocolate balances the cherry sweetness. It's medium bodied, softly carbonated, and has a creamy, silky smooth mouth feel. The alcohol wasn't detectable in flavor or aroma. It finishes semi-dry with roasted malts and cherry. Very easy to drink.

Rating: 4 star. Really Good! I want this again! If I see a beer called "Cherry Chocolate Stout", I expect to taste PLENTY of cherry and chocolate. Subtle hints of the specialty ingredients don't work for me. I enjoyed this beer because it delivered the cherry and chocolate flavors in spades! At the same time, the flavors were not cloying. This is a beer I'd love to revisit during the cold winter months. I better go out and quickly buy a few bottles—I don't expect it to be available for long.

Have you tried Cherry Chocolate Stout or any other Stone collaboration beers?

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  1. This is an AMAZING TASTING BEER Ever..And believe me, I'm not beer fan. Please don't stop making it!!!!


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