Beer Run: Beers with Fruit

Labor Day has come and gone.  I think that's supposed to mark the end of summer.  Anyway, I'm not quite ready for fall.  So I'll pretend summer is in full swing until someone tells  me otherwise—or until it rains on me.  I expect the latter will occur first.

Since I attended the Portland Fruit Beer Festival, I've become intrigued by beers with fruit.  So much so, that I've even brewed two fruit beers this summer (a Raspberry Wheat homebrew and a Cherry Sour Ale with lactobacillus).  I'll close out the summer by sampling a few commercial varieties:

Sadly, one of these was discontinued this year.  If you're not ready for summer to end, grab a summer brew.  I profiled a whole bunch here and here.  What was your favorite summer beer of 2011?

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