First Look: The Craft of Stone Brewing Co.

On September 27, The Craft of Stone Brewing Co.: Liquid Lore, Epic Recipes and Unabashed Arrogance will be unleashed on the world.  The book's publisher, Ten Speed Press, sent me an advance copy.  I just got it in the mail yesterday and anxiously skimmed through it. It looks promising and I wanted to share a quick preview.

The book, by Greg Koch and Steve Wagner with Randy Clemens, is written in three parts:

  • Part 1:  Provides a primer on beer, documents its journey through history, and tells Stone Brewing's backstory.
  • Part 2:  It's all about the beer!  Describes Stone's brews and the inspiration behind them.
  • Part 3:  Make your own! Recipes are provided for 19 favorites from Stone Brewing World Garden and Bistro (including the BBQ Duck Tacos I enjoyed when I visited Stone in June).  But wait, it gets better!  The secrets behind 18 of Stone's beers (including Anniversary Ales and Collaborations) are revealed in 5 gallon all-grain recipes.  Sorry extract brewers...  Maybe this will provide me with added inspiration to make the jump to all-grain.

I plan to read the book cover to cover during the next week, and will provide a more detailed review.  In the meantime, if you want to lean more, check it out at Amazon or your favorite bookseller.  Full Disclosure:  If you pre-order the book using this link, Amazon pays me a referral fee (at no added cost to you).  I have no clue how much, but hopefully it'll add up to enough to buy me a beer.  Preferably, Stone's new 15th Anniversary Ale...

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  1. FYI - I read this via RSS and didn't realize that there was a referral link... So, you might want to include it inline as well (there should be a button on your Amazon toolbar).

    I ordered, but didn't from your page. So, now I feel like an ass. Maybe I'll brew a clone and send a bottle your way to make up for it!

  2. I look forward to the full review as I await my book coming later this month.

  3. No worries Ell. Thanks for the suggestion! I added a link to the post. If you ever brew one of the recipes and send me a bottle, I'll do a blind side-by-side tasting.

    Sean, I think you'll enjoy the book. I hope to have the detailed review up in a week or so. Stay tuned!


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