Beer Run: Ode to International IPA Day

Today is International #IPADay.  If you haven't heard, it's a virtual event  to unite beer geeks all over the world (and perhaps universe) as they drink hoppy brews while simultaneously tweeting about them.  Think socially networked Kumbaya for beer nerds.

There's a fairly entertaining back story to this.  What started as a not so friendly online discourse between two beer bloggers, progressed to a fevered online courtship on Twitter during Oregon Brewers Festival, and will soon culminate with their nuptials at the Portland Beer Bloggers Conference.   Ah, the magic of beer...  You can check out the full recap at The Daily Pull.  Congratulations to Ashley and Ezra!  Powerful beer bloggers your children will be...

So in honor of International IPA Day and my soon-to-be wedded beer blogging colleagues, I will hold my own IPA Week and will taste these IPAs:

Are you going to celebrate #IPADay?  What are your favorite IPAs?  Let the tweeting commence!  Twitter hashtag  #NotSoProIPAweek.  

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  1. Avery brewing has an IPA I found on vacation in SoCal called Maharaja IPA. It was delicious.


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