Review: Duke, Carlton Cyderworks

Carlton Cyderworks — McMinnville, OR

  • Style:  Hard Cider with Blueberry
  • ABV:  6.75%
  • Ingredients:  Fermented apple and blueberry juice, organic cane sugar.  Contains sulfites
  • Sampled:  500 ml bottle (full disclosure: sample provided by cidery).

Description:  "Blueberries and apples, unified together in a dance of fermentation; the fruits of summer blended with the harvest of autumn. The light, sweet, delicate flavors and aromas of the apples mix with the strong, earthy, dry flavor of the Duke blueberries. This boldly purple mix is fermented through the winter and is aged just long enough for the two fruits to create a delicate balance. The result is a beautiful blush cider which is unique among its peers!" — Carlton Cyderworks 

Random thoughts:   We visited Carlton Cyderworks over Memorial Day weekend.  When I previewed Carlton's cider offerings, Duke (named after a variety of blueberry) was the one that most intrigued me.  I love blueberries. They have a distinctive sweet and spicy flavor.  But would they taste good in a hard apple cider??   

The tasting:  Light pinkish-orange in color.  Blueberry is prominent in aroma along with apple in the background.  In flavor, sweet blueberry stands out in the front.  In the middle, tart apple and spicy blueberry come thorough.  It finishes with apple. Duke is light bodied and semi-dry.  I don't like overly sweet drinks and thought Duke had a nice balance of tart and sweet.

Rating:  4 star.  Really Good!  I want this again!   I have been enjoying ciders, but have sometimes found them to be one dimensional.  That's not the case with Duke.  The blueberry adds depth and complexity when combined with apple. More importantlyit just tastes great!

Have you tried Duke or any other ciders from Carlton Cyderworks?  

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