Pelican Pub's Summer Seasonals

Pacific City is our favorite Oregon Coast getaway.  Not too far from home, amazing scenery, and there just so happens to be a great brewpub on the beach.

We visited Pelican Pub & Brewery a few weeks ago on a beautiful (but windy) Saturday afternoon.  When I visit brewpubs, I always order the taster tray.  However, since I enjoyed Pelican's tray last fall, I decided to focus on seasonals.  This year, Pelican is serving up not one—but three summer seasonal brews.  I had a taste of each:

  • Ankle Buster Ale:  A pale ale with a Belgian twist.  Caramel malt and grassy hop flavors along with the spicy Belgian zing.
  • Surfer's Summer Ale:   This is an English-style ale that features floral hop aromas and bready malt flavors.
  • Winema Wit:  Another Belgian-style brew.  This one's a wheat beer.  Aroma and flavor of black pepper, coriander, and a touch of clove. 

My favorite was Ankle Buster and I paired it with Fish & Chips for lunch.  I was surprised that Pelican featured two Belgians as part of their summer lineup.  Belgian-style beers seem to be very popular these days.  The upcoming Oregon Brewers Festival will feature 12 Belgian-styled beers, making it the 2nd most popular beer category at the festival.

If you plan to visit Pacific City this summer, be sure to visit the Pelican and sample their three summer brews!  Also, if you haven't heard the news, Pelican is planning a major expansion in Tillamook.  Check out Brewpublic's coverage.

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  1. I really like all 3.. especially the Surfer's Summer. Pelican has really done a 180 lately. Beers are all very solid, and the price has come down thankfully.


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