Oregon Brewers Festival: Interesting Facts

Photo courtesy Oregon Brewers Festival
I'm a huge fan of the Oregon Brewers Festival.  I've attended every year since '98 (except one) and have amassed a wardrobe of volunteer t-shirts and enough plastics mugs to hold my own brew fest.  I was actually inspired to start this blog after attending last year's OBF.

So I'm really looking forward to attending this year, but with a slightly different perspective.  I'll be paying even closer attention to the beer.  As you might expect, this could be a challenge after spending a few hours sampling—but I digress...

Anyway, here are some interesting facts and figures for you to consider as you prepare for OBF.  This information comes directly from the festival organizers.  If you haven't seen the OBF beer lineup yet, take a look.  I think you'll find something that may interest you.  Hope to see you there!

Are you coming in from out of town to visit OBF?  Where are you from and how far are you traveling?

7/28 update:  Check out my OBF tasting suggestions that you can download and take to the fest!

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  • 24th year of the festival
  • 86 handcraft beers are poured in the main tents.
  • There are 84 participating breweries, plus Collaborator. Deschutes has two taps: its main beer and its Gluten Free beer.
  • 14 states are represented: 1 from Alaska, 16 from California, 3 from Colorado, 1 from Delaware, 2 from Hawaii, 1 from Idaho, 1 from Illinois, 1 from Michigan, 1 from Minnesota, 1 from Missouri, 2 from Montana, 46 from Oregon, 1 from Utah and 9 from Washington
  • Kona Brewing Co traveled the furthest at 2,600 miles; Maui Brewing Co was a close second at 2,566 miles; Dogfish Head was third at 2,439 miles
  • The highest alcohol beer is Dogfish Head’s Black & Red Raspberry Mint Imperial Stout at 10.3% ABV.
  • The lowest alcohol beer is Riverport’s Blonde Moment at 4.3% ABV.
  • There are 33 beer styles represented. The most popular style is India Pale Ale, with 12 beers entered, and another 6 Imperial IPAs. The second most common style is fruit beers, with 8 entered (see notable trends).
  • Number of volunteers at the festival: 2,000+
  • There are 9 breweries bringing organic beers: Bison Brewing Co, Eel River Brewing Co, Hopworks Urban Brewery, Laurelwood Brewing Co, Mt. Emily Ale House, Old Market Pub & Brewery, Pike Brewing Co, Uncommon Brewers & Upright Brewing Co.
  • There are 68 breweries employing sustainable practices when brewing their beer.
  • Number of Buzz Beers: 51
  • Continuing trend: Fruit Beers. The two top sellers the past few years have been 21st Amendment's Watermelon Wheat and Cascade's Razberry Wheat. Apparently the other breweries have taken note of that fact, because this year we have no fewer than eight fruit beers, containing everything from watermelons to raspberries, peaches to cherries and cranberries to apricots.
  • Of interest: Brewers are finding inspiration in innovation, rather than just piling on ingredients and alcohol. This year's lineup averages 6.3% abv and 38 IBU, which is fairly moderate compared to years past.


  1. My wife and I are traveling in from Cincinnati, Ohio for the OBF!

  2. There are 6 of us coming from Vancouver, Canada! Been planning for months. Leaving our livers at the border!!

  3. from Dallas, TX for the beer and to escape the insane heat

  4. Wow! Cincinnati, Dallas, and Vancouver, BC! You are all in for a real treat! Enjoy the fest and Portland! Let me know if you want ideas for other breweries or pubs to visit while in town. Cheers!

  5. My wife and I are also from Dallas heading up for Saturday. Wish we could be there longer! This is our second OBF.

  6. Hope all of you out-of-state visitors had a great time at OBF!


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