2011 Portland Beer Bloggers Conference

The 2011 Beer Bloggers Conference will be held August 19 - 21 in Portland.

You may be scratching your head.  A conference for Beer Bloggers?  About what exactly (other than the obvious) would they confer?  I asked the same question last fall after I signed up to attend the 1st Annual Beer Bloggers Conference in Boulder, Colorado.  I had just started my blog and thought the conference would be a fun way to meet other bloggers, learn a thing or two, and most importantlytaste beer.

I was right on all counts.  I met many nice people, learned a lot, and had a great time!  Conference attendees were treated to brewery tours, panel discussions, plenty of beer tasting, and exposure to industry leaders which included Mariah Calagione (Dogfish Head), Greg Koch (Stone Brewing), and Rob Widmer (Widmer Brothers Brewing).

To get a flavor of the Boulder Beer Bloggers Conference, see my coverage of some of the events:

While the Boulder conference was amazing, Portland will be even better!  I’m serving on an Advisory Council of Portland Beer Bloggers partnering with Zephyr Adventures to organize the event.  We’re working hard to make sure you get an insider’s view of the greatest beer city in the nation!  While I may be somewhat biased, I expect you’ll agree if you attend.  Check out the conference website to see the preliminary agenda.

The Boulder Conference helped me to kick-start my blog.  If you’re a beer blogger, I highly recommend you attend.  The $95 registration fee is well worth it.  If you’re not a beer blogger, you’ll probably wish you were…

On behalf of the PDX Beer Bloggers and Zephyr Adventures, we hope to see you in Portland!  If you have any questions at all, please let me know.

Did you attend the Boulder Beer Bloggers Conference?  How did you like it?

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  1. If you’re not a beer blogger, you’ll probably wish you were…

    Damn, does beer tweeter count?

  2. Considering your excellent PIB picks and pans, you my friend, should count! I was pouring HUB, which was next to the bad IPA (Afterburner, I think) you highlighted. After I saw a few people grimace after tasting it, I steered all interested customers away to other brews. Well done!

  3. I beer blogger conference was amazing! I try to go every year. 2011 was one of my favorite years. So many good beers!


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