Stone Brewing in Pictures

A few weeks ago, I made a quick trip to San Diego.  While in town, I visited Stone, which was recently named one of the 10 Best Craft Beer Vacation Destinations.  Here's a quote from the article that describes Stone World Bistro and Gardens, "It's an all-in-one beer and food playland.  They built it to be a beer-lovers refuge from the real world."

I couldn't agree more.  In the middle of a suburban industrial park, Stone has created a paradise beyond description.  So I won't attempt to describe it.  Instead, I'll let my pictures do the talking...

Before we left, I paired Stone's 2011 BELGO Anise Imperial Russian Stout with an Arrogant Bastard Brownie Sundae.  More on that later...

Have you visited Stone World Bistro and Gardens?  What did you think of it?  Click to see a few Stone beers that I've profiled.

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  1. Great pics! Makes me a little homesick even....



  2. Thanks Greg. It's hard to take a bad picture there. Cheers!

  3. Just enjoyed a couple Stone IPAs last night over pizza ... how widely do they distribute around the country?

  4. Greg, you still there? Can you help a blogger out with this one?

  5. Nice pics! I Hope I can make it down there soon!


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