Visit to Four Peaks Brewing

Yesterday, I made a quick trip to Phoenix for work. At the end of the day, some co-workers and I went to Four Peaks Brewing in Tempe for dinner and drinks.  I'd been looking forward to visiting Four Peaks ever since I tasted Kilt Lifter Scottish Ale a few months ago.  

Whenever I visit a brewpub for the first time, I always order the sampler tray.  Four Peaks' tray was huge!  It must have occupied a quarter of the table.  Here are the 8 samples I tasted:  

1.   Arizona Peach:  Nice malt sweetness with plenty of peach flavor.  When I drink a fruit ale, I want the fruit to be front and center.  It was, yet not overly sweet.  Very nice! 
2.   Sunbru:   A crisp Kolsch-style ale.  Faint aroma and not much flavor going on.
3.   8th Street Ale:  A nicely balanced English-style Bitter with mild malt sweetness and spicy hops.
4.   Hefeweizen:   Unfiltered, full of banana and clove aromas, with a hint of citrus.  
5.   Oatmeal Stout:  Rich toasted malt flavor with a very smooth mouth feel.
6.   Kilt Lifter:  Great caramel malt flavor!  Click to see my full review.
7.   Raj IPA:  An English-style IPA with spicy and earthy hops.  I'm not familiar with the English version.  It didn't have the bitterness I expected.  If not labeled, I would have have thought it was a Pale ale.
8.   Hop Knot:  My kind of IPA!  Full of piney and grapefruit hop bitterness.

My favorites were Arizona Peach, Hop Knot, and Kilt Lifter.  They had a full menu with plenty of sandwiches, burgers, salads, and house specialties.  I ordered the seared Mahi Mahi with Israeli cous cous.  It was absolutely delicious!  

If you're visiting Phoenix, make a trip to Four Peaks.  You'll be glad you did!  Have you had any Four Peaks beers?  What are your favorites?

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  1. Pretty cool spot,nestled in amidst the ASU party scene. I'm still surprised that the whole brewery scene hasn't taken off,in Az, given four peaks popularity. Coors light still rules, I guess. I agree on the Hop Knot. Great burst of floral hoppiness and sweet malty finish. Actually one of my first and favorite IPAs. Sipping in 100 plus degrees, makes it even better. They also boast some great seasonals including a tasty Barleywine. Glad you enjoyed!

  2. Gordon, I'll check out their seasonals next time I'm in the area. I also noticed a cask as I was leaving. I'd like to try that as well.

    I agree with you and think the area is ripe for more breweries. Four Peaks was packed when I visited and I've always seen decent crowds at SanTan Brewing. Great opportunity for some aspiring brewers!!

  3. I've only been there once and it's been 5+ years now but I do remember enjoying it and as Gordon said, surprised considering its location. If you get a chance to go to Phoenix again, try to make it to Papago Brewing. It's in a little strip mall.

  4. Thanks for the tip Kris! I didn't know about Papago. I looked at their website and the taplist looks great. I'll be in Phoenix in a few weeks and will check it out. Thanks!


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