Review: Wolters Fest Bier, Hofbrauhaus Wolters

Wolters Fest Bier
Hofbrauhaus Wolters GMBH — Braunschweig, Germany

  • Style:  Lager
  • Bitterness:  Not provided
  • ABV: Not provided
  • Malts:  Not provided
  • Hops:  Not provided
  • Sampled: 11.2 oz. bottle

Description:  "Brewed for all seasonal events and parties all over the year.  Amber in colour, easy to drink and of course brewed in strict accordance to the German Purity Law
." — Hofbrauhaus Wolters

Random thoughts:   I received Fest Bier as part of my Beer of the Month Club gift subscription. The original Reinheitsgebot German purity law of 1487 requires beer to contain only water, barley, and hops.  You may notice that yeast is not included as one of ingredients.  That's because Louis Pasteur discovered yeast in the 1800s.  Today's revised purity law allows the use of yeast.

The tasting:  Deep golden in color (very clear) with a white head that dissipated very quickly.  Aroma of bready malt and yeast.  Flavor very similar to aroma with the addition of grassy hops, which linger in the finish.  It's light bodied and has a crisp mouth feel.  Very drinkable.  

Rating:  2 star.  Drinkable, but not sure I want to.  This beer is NOT bad, it's not just not my style.  It has the industrial lager aroma and taste thing going on.  On the plus side, it's very drinkable.  Maybe I'd appreciate it more if I was drinking it in Germany.

Have you tried Wolters Fest Bier?

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  1. Used to live in Braunschweig; even there, everyone drinks it because it's local but knows it's awful. A review elsewhere described it as tasting of cardboard and cabbage. (May not be awful compared to Natural Light or even Bud Light, but when there's so much excellent beer to be had... why drink Wolters?) Es ist ja schlecht!


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