Oakshire's Hellshire I to be Unleashed May 7

"Deep within the recesses of the alcoves & antechambers of Oakshire Brewing lies another realm. It's a place where carefully fermented beers are laid to rest in oaken sarcophagi. They slumber for aeons and emerge as wholly new & unique entities, fueling the malformed creatures that populate the blasted & eldritch wastes.  That place is....Hellshire I: Barleywine Aged in Bourbon Barrels" —  Oakshire Brewing.

I love the use of the word sarcophagi.  I'll try to work into more of my posts.

Barrel aging has become the rage in craft beer. Oakshire Brewing is getting into the game with their new Hellshire Series.  Matt Van Wyk, Oakshire Brewmaster, recently revealed the details about this mysterious beer:

  • Style:  Barleywine
  • ABV:  10%
  • Bitterness:  100 IBU  
  • Malts:  2-Row, Marris Otter, Wheat, Munich, Honey Malt, CaraMunich, Aromatic, Special Roast, Special B, C-120, C-60
  • Hops:  Chinook, Citra, Cascade
  • Yeast:  California Ale
  • Special:  100% aged in Heaven Hill Bourbon Barrels for 10 months.
  • Price:  $15 (22 oz. bottle)

Hellshire I will be released on May 7 at the brewery in Eugene.  Quantities will be very limited—only 120 cases will be sold (no draft).  Distribution will be limited to Oregon and Vancouver, WA.

Now to the best part—the tasting.   Hellshire I has a big aroma—full of stone fruit, oak, a hint of citrus, and the boozy alcohol you'd expect from the style.  Flavor of plum, dates, vanilla, and bourbon.  It's lightly carbonated and finishes with malty sweetness and warming alcohol.  I expect Hellshire I will age beautifully!

Matt Van Wyk, Oakshire Brewmaster
Although this is Oakshire's first foray into Barleywines, Matt Van Wyk is no stranger to the style. While working at Flossmoor Station Restaurant & Brewery, he conjured up Wooden Hell, which scored a phenomenal 100 points at RateBeer and an A+ at Beer Advocate. Matt knows Barleywine...

If you want a bottle of Hellshire I, your best bet is to go the May 7 release party, which starts at 8am.  Click here for details.

Oakshire plans to eventually release new Hellshire beers on a quarterly basis as part of their barrel aging program.  You can expect quite a bit of diversity from this series.  In addition to bourbon barrels, Oakshire will age beer in cabernet, pinot, whiskey, and gin barrels. Although not official, it sounds like Hellshire II will be a wild (sour) beer.  I'm already looking forward to it!

In the meantime, I'll entomb my bottle of Hellshire I into a cardboard sarcophagus and inter it into the netherworld of my crawlspace.  I'll exhume it in a year or two and see how it matures.  I'm sure it will be great...

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