Beer Run: Four Weyerbachers and a Magic Hat

My Beyond the Northwest Quest has brought me to Whippany, New Jersey.  Craft beer capital in some circles...  Oh, who am I kidding, we took the kids to visit Grandma. 

One of the things I enjoy about traveling is tasting the local beer.  In the process, I learned about a few minor challenges in procuring beer in the Garden State.  First, you can't buy beer in grocery stores.  You need to go a wine and liquor store.  Next, they're not so friendly to mixed six-packs.  We're spoiled in Oregon.

Anyway, I wanted to sample beer that's not available in the Northwest, so here's what I picked up:

While this isn't the diverse sampling of breweries I was hoping for, it's a great mix of styles, and I'm really excited about tasting each one.

Have you had any Weyerbacher or Magic Hat beers?  What are your favorites? 

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