Bailey's GermanFest: A Tale of Two Beer Fests

Living in the nation's best beer city can create problems. Take last Saturday, for example.  Two beer fests were held on the same day.  Firkin Fest at Green Dragon and GermanFest at Bailey's Taproom.  Since I'm only good for one beer fest a day, I had to make a decision.  But which fest to attend? Before I proceed with my tale of woe, let's acknowledge that this is a high quality problem.

The idea of Firkin Fest was compelling.  How often can you chose from 30 firkin beers in a single day? GermanFest had its own charms—14 Teutonic styles from 20 Oregon breweries.  Tough choice!

In the end, my decision was easy.  I didn't want to pay $30 to Firken.  Bailey's $15 fee was right up my alley. Turns out I made a good choice.  For more on Firkin Fest, check out the coverage from my colleagues at Beervana and The New School.

I sampled 8 different brews at Bailey's GermanFest.  Here they are in the order I tasted them.  I didn't take detailed notes, so comments in italics were those provided on the beer menu.

Block 15 Berlinerweiss
  • Block 15 Berlinerweiss (3% ABV):  I'd been looking forward to tasting this style and Block 15 did not dissapoint.  It had the most amazing pale color.  Tart, low in alcohol, and very refreshing!
  • Flat Tail Corvaller Weisse (3.5% ABV):  Another Berlinerweiss, but on steroids (in a good way).  It didn't have the same vibrant color as Block 15's, but had a higher level of tartness and funky flavors. I liked it a lot!  In Germany, this style is served with a choice of flavored syrups.  I tried a syrup, but preferred it plain.
  • Breakside Kellerbier (5.1% ABV):  Yeast flavor and aroma are low to medium.  Balance of malts and hops.  
  • Cascade '10 Autumn Gose (5% ABV).  Another tart beer from the local masters of sour.  Acidic/tart. Golden in color. Citrus flavors present. Salt added.  I tasted salt in the finish, but probably wouldn't have noticed it had I not read the description.
  • Alameda Rye Not? (4.9% ABV).  I love the spicy and sour flavor of rye in beer.  This Roggenbier started sweet and finished tart.  I actually brewed my own Rye beer on Sunday.  More on that later.
  • Bend Doppelbock (7.5% ABV).  Sweet malt, chocolate, and a creamy mouth feel. 
  • Vertigo Zen Dunkelweizen (5.5% ABV).  Sweet maltiness. Brown in color. Very low hop bitterness.         
  • Upright Engelberg Pils (5.5% ABV).  I didn't sample this at Baileys, but at Upright the next day. I'm learning that I actually might like pilsners!  I've come a long way... 

My favorite was Flat Tail's Corvaller Weisse—and I went back for a second pour.  This was the first Flat Tail beer I ever tasted and I want to learn more about this brewery.  

Anyway, excellent job by Bailey's in pulling off a great event!  The crowd was a nice size, wait times were low, the prices were great, and the beer selection was incredible.  I'll be back next year.

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GermanFest Beer Menu

Berlinerweiss Flavor Syrups


  1. Nice to see you enjoying the brews from Corvallis.

  2. You may not have a lot of breweries in Corvallis, but the ones you have are excellent. Have you tried the Berlinerweiss? I wonder if either is serving it at their pub. If it's available, give it a try. Such a great style!

  3. I will go and seeand then try. If you can find them, Calapooia in Albany and Oregon Trail here in Corvallis are two to try (only on tap I believe or events).


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