Our Visit to Hopworks Urban Brewery

Latha and I recently spent the evening in SE Portland.  We started with dinner at Saburo’s (my absolute favorite sushi place) and then headed over to Hopworks Urban Brewery to sample beer.  This was our first trip to HUB, and I had been looking forward to visiting ever since I started this blog.

Opened in 2008, Hopworks brands itself as Portland’s first “Eco-Brewpub.”  HUB specializes in organic beers using fresh local ingredients.  Their building itself is a showcase of sustainable construction and creative recycling.  We settled in next to their gas fireplace (a recycled fermenter from an English pub) and ordered the sampler tray.  Here’s the thing of beauty that appeared before us…

1.   HUB Lager:  A Czech style pilsner that Men’s Journal (Oct. 2010) named the World’s Best Draft Beer.  Wow!   Not my favorite style, but I can see myself drinking this again.
2.   Crosstown Pale Ale:   Nice balance of sweet malts and citrus hops.
3.   Velvet ESB:  Beautiful copper color with caramel malt aroma and flavor.
4.   IPA:   I like IPAs, and this is among best.  Huge citrus, floral, and pine aromas and flavors!
5.   Survival 7-Grain Stout:  Aroma and flavor of coffee, with roasted malt and dark chocolate.
6.   DOA (Deluxe Organic Ale):  Our server, Ashley, highly recommended this.  We also learned that Ashley is launching Brewvana, a new brewery bus tour company.
7.   Noggin Floggin’:  A barleywine with an amazing floral and fruity aroma.  One taste wasn’t enough… 
8.   Abominale.   They ran out the day before, so we didn’t get to sample it.  Instead, I got an extra Noggin Floggin’.
9.   Secession:   HUB’s current seasonal is a Cascadian Dark Ale.  Aroma of citrus hops with flavors of piney and grapefruit hops, with roasted and smoky malts.  A great CDA / Black IPA! 
10. Terry Porter:  Brewed in honor of a legendary Trail Blazer.  Very smooth and highly drinkable.

Unfortunately, our visit was short because we had to leave to pick up our boys by 9PM.  HUB’s menu looks amazing and we plan to go back for dinner…and more beer!

Have you been to HUB?  What are your favorite beers?

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The famous Hopworks Beer Bike!

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