Big Changes from Widmer!

On Tuesday night, Widmer Brothers Brewing hosted a small gathering at Saraveza to announce some changes.  The most notable being Widmer's new label and packaging designs.  While this has been publicized for a few months, I did gain new insight into the reasons for the change.

Here's what the new labels will look like.  Essentially, Widmer wants a unified look for their brand and they are bringing the focus back to the beer.  So what exactly does this mean? 

New labels will show a picture of the beer poured into a glass.  This will enable you to see the color of the beer as well as the type of glass that you might consider using to enhance your sensory experience.

Some beers will be renamed.  Does the name Deadlift tell you anything about the beer?  Not so much.  Widmer realizes this and is renaming it.  It will henceforth be known as Nelson Imperial IPA.  Nelson refers to the Nelson Sauvin hops (from New Zealand) used in the beer.  Although not very descriptive, the Drop Top name has considerable brand equity, so Widmer will continue to use it for their amber ale.

More new beer on the way!   Keep a close eye out for X-114 IPA.  Citra hops give this beer an incredible floral and tropical fruit aroma!  I tasted it for the first time and enjoyed it.  Citra is a new hop variety.  Before the hop had a name, it was known as X-114.

Series 924.  These brews will feature premium ingredients and will be sold in four packs.  Pitch Black IPA (formerly known as W'10) is the newest series release and is now making its way onto store shelves.  924 refers to Widmer's original address on Russell St.    

Say goodbye to an old friend.  Broken Halo IPA will soon be retired.  If this is one of your favorites, you should head to the grocery store and stock up soon!

So like it or not, change is coming.  I'm really looking forward to the new X-114 IPA and Series 924 releases.   On a related note, if you have not yet tasted Widmer's W'11 KGB Russian Imperial Stout, do so quickly as it won't be around much longer.  The link above will take you to my review. 

Personally, I'm not sold on the new label designs because I tend to like color and pretty pictures.  However, I understand the rationale for the change.  What do you think of Widmer's new label and package designs?

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  1. Here in Mexico is a brewery who put the glass recommendation label in the bottle, is very useful, at least in the first times I was into the craft beer.

    But this designs are more visual, and gives a great idea of how it will look. I like it a lot.

  2. Happy to see some of the original microbreweries working to improve and not just sit on their laurels. We tend to forget(myself inculded), that breweries such as Pyramid and Red Hook continue to make some very very good beer !


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