Beer Run: St. Patrick's Day Brews

In case you weren't aware, St. Patrick's Day will be here in just 10 days! 

Back in college, we celebrated the holiday by drinking green beer.  If you think that was bad—it gets worse.  It was green Old Style.

I can hear your collective gasps of horror and disbelief.  Yes, it was a crime and I'm doing my best to make amends for the atrocity (all 30 kegs of it).

So I present, for your consideration, five beers—four Irish and one Irish-inspired.  I should probably call this review series "Four Guinness and a Coors" because here's what I'll be sampling and writing about during the next 10 days:

If you think I've defiled the party by adding Killian's, please bear with me.  I have my reasons for including it and will explain them shortly.  In the meantime, do you have a favorite Irish or Irish-inspired beer? 

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  1. I think that O'haras is a much better stout, but to each their own.


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