Beer Run: IPAs Gone Wild!

They're wild, they're crazy, they have low self-esteem, and they're on Spring Break!  It's Gir—sorry wrong commercial...

Although I’ve been exploring many styles, IPAs are still among my favorites.  Rather than sample "traditional” IPAs, I thought it would be fun to try some that offer a  twist.  So I assembled this this motley collection of high hopped brews and will be tasting them during the next few weeks.

  • Aprihop,  Dogfish Head.   An IPA brewed with apricots.
  • Big A IPA,  Smuttynose.  The name says it all.
  • Decadent Imperial IPA,  Ska.  A reincarnation of their Pinstripe Pale Ale.
  • Double JackFirestone Walker:  The first Double IPA made by the good folks from Paso Robles.
  • Pitch Black IPAWidmer Brothers:  A Cascadian Dark Ale formerly known as W'10.
  • Raging BitchFlying Dog:  A Belgian-style IPA.

Two of these beers, Big A and Decadent, are not available in Oregon.  Read this for details on why I included them.  This will be fun...

What are your favorite IPAs with a twist?

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  1. Nice grab. I really like the Aprihop, which is only available in March/April. It's like #9 done in a way that makes the beer interesting, whereas the #9 is more of a lazy summer afternoon beer.

  2. I've never had any Magic Hat. I'm headed to the East Coast soon and will look for it.


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