An Afternoon at New Old Lompoc

On President’s Day, my wife and I spent the afternoon in NW Portland.  We tasted beer and had lunch at Henry's Tavern.  We decided we weren't quite ready to go home, so we headed over to New Old Lompoc on NW 21st.

I tasted Lompoc's Harvest Man Red and Franc'ly Brewdolph seasonals at local beer festivals and really enjoyed them.  So I had been looking forward to visiting one of their pubs for quite a while. 

New Old Lompoc is one of Lompoc Brewing's five pubs and tasting rooms.  From outside appearances, it's not the most attractive of places.  But the moment we stepped in the door, we felt right at home.  It's a cozy place that has tons of character.  I thought the vintage neon Budweiser sign over the bar provided an interesting touch to the decor.

I was thrilled to learn that it was Miser Monday—meaning Lompoc pints were priced at $2.50!  Seasonals were slightly higher (around $3.25).  This was less than half of what we paid for pints at Henry's.  We also enjoyed Lompoc's great hummus plate for the Happy Hour price of $5.  Well worth it!  Since we had quite a few beers for lunch, we tried just two of Lompoc's beers.

Proletariat Red (left) & Norman Invasion

Proletartiat Red:  Caramel, bready, and sweet malts along with spicy and citrus hops.  It's different from most NW Red / Amber Ales, which tend to be more hoppy.  We both liked it!

Norman Invasion (2010):  This seasonal is a Belgian style ale aged in wine barrels.  It had a great fruity and funky aroma along with a tangy sour flavor.  My favorite beer of the day!  It was very unique and unlike anything I had tasted recently.  Latha wasn't crazy about it.

We both had a great time at New Old Lompoc!  I plan to taste more of their beers and visit their other pubs soon.  Have you visited any of Lompoc's Pubs?  Do you have a favorite?

6/28 update:  Check out Portland Beer & Music's post on New Old Lompoc brewer, Zach Beckwith.

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New Old Lompoc's Bar


  1. I actually spend a lot of time over at 5Q and Sidebar. (Actually the mayor of both locations on Foursquare) The beer and food is always good. The service is friendly and the wait staff puts up with my kids. What more could I ask for?

    Being addicted to C-Note, a recent discussion with one of the brewers reminded me of the Proletariat Red and have found myself drinking it more often. Plus it's not unusual to find Jerry hanging in Sidebar on a Friday night.

  2. Thanks for the tip! I'm always looking for kid- friendly places that have great beer and food. I'll be sure to check out 5Q and Sidebar. I haven't had C-Note either. I'll add that to my list.


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