Scenes from Cascade's Scottish Ale Festival

I visited Cascade Brewing's First Annual Scottish Ale Festival yesterday.  Since this is the first year, I  expected to see a smallish crowd.  I was wrong.  As I walked up to Cascade, I saw a line of people waiting to get in.  Fortunately, it wasn't raining.

They served 10 ales, and I tasted these:

  • House, Upright Brewing Co.  Made especially for the fest, this is a Scottish Ale with a spicy twist.
  • Splinters Bourbon Barrel Aged Strong Scotch Ale, Black Raven Brewing Co.   Loads of bourbon flavor and less malty sweetness.  Very nice!
  • McShagger Scottish Ale, Cascade Brewing Co.  This one had a bit of smokiness to it, very smooth. 
  • Hoppy with Woodsman, Schooner EXACT Brewing Co.  You can't have a beer fest in Oregon without a hoppy beer.  At 60 IBUs, this was it.  While the Scottish Ale style is generally mildly hopped, this provided a nice change of pace.
  • Brigadoonery Scottish Ale, Coalition Brewing Co.  I sampled this after I drank a Cascade sour ale (see below).  I expect Brigadoonery is good, but palate was out of whack after drinking the sour.

Cascade's Fruit Loops
I was fully prepared to sample all 10 of the Scottish ales.  However, I couldn't leave Cascade without tasting one of their sour ales.  So I got a glass of Fruit Loops.  Here's Cascade's description, "Apricot and Noyeaux combine to start this beer out w/sweet, tart fruit aromatics reminiscent of the yellow and orange cereal loops. Razberry Wheat and Frite Galois join in to set the deep fruit base with the taste of the red flavor. Finally, Sang Noir was added to the center of the glass to bring in the purple and complete the “früit loop.” 

While I was never a big fan of Fruit Loops cereal, I'd consider starting every morning with one of these!  It tastes it good as it sounds.  However, I made the mistake of sampling Fruit Loops in between Scottish Ales.  I should have waited until I finished...sour and Scottish ales don't play well together.  Oh well, I'll remember that for next year.

If Cascade holds the festival again next year (and I hope they do), I expect they'll improve the overall traffic flow. The fest was held in the production side of the facility and it was packed!  Beer was served in a small area towards the back and there were long lines.

Overall, I enjoyed the festival.  I like the idea of an event dedicated to a particular type of beer and I hope to see more smaller, style-focused festivals like this.  Also, big kudos to Cascade for allowing customers to reuse old beer festival mugs!  Three dollars saved on a mug = three beer samples.  Thanks guys!

One last thing, Stone Porridge was great!  Check out the short video clip below of Brewmaster Ron Gansberg jamming with his band.

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  1. Looks like they had a great turnout--excellent! I was sorry to have to miss it. Thanks for the review--


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